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MSRI Preprints: 2004

The MSRI preprint series in years 1995–2005. Please consult the Author Index or go directly to the desired year.

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Real $k$-flats tangent to quadrics in $\mathbb R^n$
Frank Sottile, Thorsten Theobald
MSRI Preprint #2004-001
Sobolev spaces on Lie manifolds and polyhedral domains
Bernd Ammann, Alexandru Ionescu, and Victor Nistor
MSRI Preprint #2004-002
Manifolds with small Dirac eigenvalues are nilmanifolds
Bernd Ammann and Chad Sprouse
MSRI Preprint #2004-003
Triviality of Symplectic SU(2)-actions on homology
Yıldıray Ozan
MSRI Preprint #2004-004
Ricci Curvature Rigidity for Weakly Asymptotically Hyperbolic Manifolds
Vincent Bonini, Pengzi Miao and Jie Qing
MSRI Preprint #2004-005
Curvature-free estimates for the smallest area of a minimal surface
Regina Rotman and Alexander Nabutovsky
MSRI Preprint #2004-006
The degree of the secant variety and the join of monomial curves
Kristian Ranestad
MSRI Preprint #2004-007
Smoothly Parameterised Cech Cohomology of Complex Manifolds
Toby Bailey, Michael Eastwood and Simon Gindikin
MSRI Preprint #2004-008
Closed 1-forms with at most one zero
M. Farber and D. Schütz
MSRI Preprint #2004-009