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MSRI Preprints: 2003

The MSRI preprint series in years 1995–2005. Please consult the Author Index or go directly to the desired year.

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Integration of twisted Dirac brackets
Henrique Bursztyn, Marius Crainic, Alan Weinstein, Chenchang Zhu
MSRI Preprint #2003-001
Construction and classification of some Galois modules
Jan Minac and John Swallow
MSRI Preprint #2003-002
The first two cohomology groups of some Galois groups
Jan Minac and Adrian Wadsworth
MSRI Preprint #2003-003
Semiclassical analysis of a nonlinear eigenvalue problem and non analytic hypoellipticity
Bernard Helffer, Didier Robert and Xue Ping Wang
MSRI Preprint #2003-004
Estimates for the \bar\partial-Neumann problem and nonexistence of Levi-flat hypersurfaces in $\mathbb CP^n$
Jianguo Cao, Mei-Chi Shaw and Lihe Wang
MSRI Preprint #2003-005
Two dimensional compact simple Riemannian manifolds are boundary distance rigid
Leonid Pestov and Gunther Uhlmann
MSRI Preprint #2003-006
Determining a function from its mean values over a family of spheres
David Finch, Sarah Patch and Rakesh
MSRI Preprint #2003-007
Variance Bounds in Financial Inverse Problems: Simulation Evidence from Time-Scale Estimators
Enrico Capobianco
MSRI Preprint #2003-008
Partial Uniqueness and Obstruction to Uniqueness in Inverse Problems for Anisotropic Elastic Media
Anna L. Mazzucato and Lizabeth V. Rachele
MSRI Preprint #2003-009
A new proof of Cheeger-Gromoll Soul Conjecture and the Takeuchi Theorem
Jianguo Cao and Mei-Chi Shaw
MSRI Preprint #2003-010
Galois embedding problems with cyclic quotient of order $p$
Jan Minac and John Swallow
MSRI Preprint #2003-011
The smoothness of Riemannian submersions with nonnegative sectional curvature
Jianguo Cao and Mei-Chi Shaw
MSRI Preprint #2003-012
On a generalization of Schönhardt's polyhedron
Jörg Rambau
MSRI Preprint #2003-013
Bivariate hypergeometric D-modules
Alicia Dickenstein, Laura Matusevich and Timur Sadykov
MSRI Preprint #2003-014
Navier-Stokes dynamics on a differential one-form
Troy Story
MSRI Preprint #2003-015
Flag Vectors of Multiplicial Polytopes
Margaret M. Bayer
MSRI Preprint #2003-016
Veronese surfaces and line arrangements
Tom Graber and Kristian Ranestad
MSRI Preprint #2003-017
Mass endomorphism and spinorial Yamabe type problems on conformally flat manifolds
Bernd Ammann, Emmanuel Humbert, and Bertrand Morel
MSRI Preprint #2003-018