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MSRI Preprints: 2002

The MSRI preprint series in years 1995–2005. Please consult the Author Index or go directly to the desired year.

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A cocycle formula for the quaternionic discrete series
Robert W. Donley, Jr.
MSRI Preprint #2002-001
Shape reconstruction in scattering media with voids using a transport model and level sets
Oliver Dorn
MSRI Preprint #2002-002
From Subfactors to Categories and Topology I. Frobenius Algebras in and Morita Equivalence of Tensor Categories
Michael Müger
MSRI Preprint #2002-003
From Subfactors to Categories and Topology II. The Quantum Double of Tensor Categories and Subfactors
Michael Müger
MSRI Preprint #2002-004
Stability and Reconstruction in Gel'fand Inverse Boundary Spectral Problem
Atsushi Katsuda, Yaroslav Kurylev, and Matti Lassas
MSRI Preprint #2002-005
The Calderón problem for conormal potentials, I: Global uniqueness and reconstruction
Allan Greenleaf, Matti Lassas, and Gunther Uhlmann
MSRI Preprint #2002-006
Inverse problems for the Pauli Hamiltonian in two dimensions
Hyeonbae Kang and Gunther Uhlmann
MSRI Preprint #2002-007
Galois Module Structure of $p$th-Power Classes of Extensions of Degree $p$
Ján Minác and John Swallow
MSRI Preprint #2002-008
Weyl algebra modules
Viktor Bekkert, Georgia Benkart, and Vyacheslav Futorny
MSRI Preprint #2002-009
Gauge equivalence of Dirac structures and symplectic groupoids
Henrique Bursztyn and Olga Radko
MSRI Preprint #2002-010
Equivalence of time-domain inverse problems and boundary spectral problems
Alexander Katchalov, Yaroslav Kurylev, Matti Lassas and Niculae Mandache
MSRI Preprint #2002-011
Subfactors of free products of rescalings of a II_1-factor
Ken Dykema
MSRI Preprint #2002-012
Lie Superalgebras Graded by the Root System $A(m,n)$
Georgia Benkart and Alberto Elduque
MSRI Preprint #2002-013
Generating functions for moments of the quasi-nilpotent DT-operator
Ken Dykema and Catherine Yan
MSRI Preprint #2002-014
Fourier analysis and phylogenetic trees
Steven N. Evans
MSRI Preprint #2002-015
Affable Equivalence Relations and Orbit Structure of Cantor Dynamical Systems
Thierry Giordano, Ian Putnam and Christian Skau
MSRI Preprint #2002-016
DT-operators and decomposability of Voiculescu's circular operator
Ken Dykema and Uffe Haagerup
MSRI Preprint #2002-017
Random metric spaces and the universal Urysohn space
Anatoly Vershik
MSRI Preprint #2002-018
Even powers of divisors and elliptic zeta values
Giovanni Felder and Alexander Varchenko
MSRI Preprint #2002-019
Green's generic syzygy conjecture for curves of even genus lying on a K3 surface
Claire Voisin
MSRI Preprint #2002-020
Compactification of parahermitian symmetric spaces and its applications, II: Stratifications and automorphism groups.
Soji Kaneyuki
MSRI Preprint #2002-021
Optical Tomography in Two Dimensions
Plamen Stefanov and Gunther Uhlmann
MSRI Preprint #2002-022
Twisted Equivariant K-theory with Complex Coefficients
Daniel Freed, Michael Hopkins, and Constantin Teleman
MSRI Preprint #2002-023
Spectral distributions and isospectral sets of tridiagonal matrices
Peter Gibson
MSRI Preprint #2002-024
Boundary determination of a Riemannian metric by the localized boundary distance function
Gunther Uhlmann and Jenn-Nan Wang
MSRI Preprint #2002-025
Bimodule deformations, Picard groups and contravariant connections
Henrique Bursztyn and Stefan Waldmann
MSRI Preprint #2002-026
Integrally closed finite-colength ideals in two-dimensional regular local rings are multiplier ideals
Joseph Lipman and Kei-ichi Watanabe
MSRI Preprint #2002-027
On Computational Power of Quantum Branching Programs
Farid Ablayev, Aida Gainutdinova and Marek Karpinski
MSRI Preprint #2002-028