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MSRI Preprints: 2001

The MSRI preprint series in years 1995–2005. Please consult the Author Index or go directly to the desired year.

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A characterization of freeness by a factorization property of $\mathbb R$-transforms
Alexandru Nica, Dimitri Shlyakhtenko, and Roland Speicher
MSRI Preprint #2001-001
Free Fisher information for non-tracial states
Dimitri Shlyakhtenko
MSRI Preprint #2001-002
Minimal combinatorial models for maps of an interval with a given set of periods
Louis Block, Ethan M. Coven, William Geller, and Kristin Hubner
MSRI Preprint #2001-003
On a Conjecture of R. P. Stanley; Part I - Monomial Ideals
Joachim Apel
MSRI Preprint #2001-004
A rigidity result for actions of property T groups by Bernoulli shifts
Sorin Popa
MSRI Preprint #2001-005
Uniform bounds for eigenfunctions of the Laplacian on manifolds with boundary
Daniel Grieser
MSRI Preprint #2001-006
Rescalings of free products of II_1-factors
Ken Dykema and Florin Radulescu
MSRI Preprint #2001-007
Free subproducts and free scaled products of II_1-factors
Ken Dykema
MSRI Preprint #2001-008
On a Conjecture of R.P.Stanley, II: Quotients modulo Monomial Ideals
Joachim Apel
MSRI Preprint #2001-009
A Hopf Index Theorem for foliations
Victor Belfi, Efton Park, and Ken Richardson
MSRI Preprint #2001-010
Trace forms of Galois field extensions in the presence of roots of unity
D.-S. Kang and Zinovy Reichstein
MSRI Preprint #2001-011
Prescribing scalar and boundary mean curvature on the three dimensional half sphere
Zindine Djadli, Andrea Malchiodi, and Mohameden Ould Ahmedou
MSRI Preprint #2001-012
Commutator Structure of Operator Ideals
Ken Dykema, Tadeusz Figiel, Gary Weiss, and Mariusz Wodzicki
MSRI Preprint #2001-013
Conformal Subnets and Intermediate Subfactors
Roberto Longo
MSRI Preprint #2001-014
Canonical extension of endomorphisms of type III factors
Masaki Izumi
MSRI Preprint #2001-015
Curvature and Uniformization
Rafe Mazzeo and Michael Taylor
MSRI Preprint #2001-016
Dirac index classes and the noncommutative spectral flow
Eric Leichtnam and Paolo Piazza
MSRI Preprint #2001-017
The Baum-Connes conjecture for hyperbolic groups
Igor Mineyev and Guoliang Yu
MSRI Preprint #2001-018
Dan-Virgil Voiculescu
MSRI Preprint #2001-019
An example of a property $\Gamma$ factor with countable fundamental group
Sorin Popa
MSRI Preprint #2001-020
Partition-dependent stochastic measures and q-deformed cumulants
Michael Anshelevich
MSRI Preprint #2001-021
Inclusions of simple $\mathbb C^\ast$-algebras
Masaki Izumi
MSRI Preprint #2001-022
A new proof of the Markov--Krein identity for distributions of means of Dirichlet processes
Natalia Tsilevich, Anatoly Vershik, and Marc Yor
MSRI Preprint #2001-023
On a class of type II_1 factors with Betti numbers invariants
Sorin Popa
MSRI Preprint #2001-024
Passive Complete Orthonomic Systems of PDEs and Riquier Bases of Polynomial Modules
Joachim Apel
MSRI Preprint #2001-025
The linear sampling method for anisotropic media, part II
Fioralba Cakoni and Houssem Haddar
MSRI Preprint #2001-026
Reduction Theory, Elliptic Solitons and Integrable Systems
Emma Previato
MSRI Preprint #2001-027
Stein extensions of Riemann symmetric spaces and dualities of orbits on flag manifolds
Simon Gindikin and Toshihiko Matsuki
MSRI Preprint #2001-028
A sampling method for an inverse boundary value problemfor harmonic vector fields
Rainer Kress
MSRI Preprint #2001-029
A Proof of Atiyah's Conjecture on Configurations of Four Points in Euclidean Three-Space
Michael Eastwood and Paul Norbury
MSRI Preprint #2001-030
On a Subfactor Construction of a Factor Non Anti-Isomorphic to Itself
Maria Grazia Viola
MSRI Preprint #2001-031
Invariant Stein domains in Stein symmetric spaces and a non-linear complex convexity theorem
Simon Gindikin and Bernhard Krötz
MSRI Preprint #2001-032
Additive structure of multiplicative subgroups of fields and Galois theory
Louis Mahé, Ján Minác, and Tara L. Smith
MSRI Preprint #2001-033
Some Galois extensions of quadratic extensions associated with Witt rings
Wenfeng Gao and Ján Minác
MSRI Preprint #2001-034
Reconstruction of less regular conductivities in the plane
Kim Knudsen and Alexandru Tamasan
MSRI Preprint #2001-035
Locating anisotropies in electrical impedance tomography
Erkki J. Somersalo
MSRI Preprint #2001-036
Resultants and Chow Forms via Exterior Syzygies
David Eisenbud, Frank-Olaf Schreyer, and Jerzy Weyman
MSRI Preprint #2001-037
Complex crowns of Riemannian symmetric spaces and non-compactly causal symmetric spaces
Simon Gindikin and Bernhard Krötz
MSRI Preprint #2001-038
A Prime Orbit Theorem for Self-Similar Flows and Diophantine Approximation
Michel Lapidus and Machiel van Frankenhuysen
MSRI Preprint #2001-039
Complex Dimensions of Self-Similar Fractal Strings and Diophantine Approximation
Michel Lapidus and Machiel van Frankenhuysen
MSRI Preprint #2001-040
Unique continuation for the elasticity system with residual stress and its applications
Gen Nakamura and Jenn-Nan Wang
MSRI Preprint #2001-041
Davenport Pairs over Finite Fields
Wayne Aitken, Michael D. Fried, and Linda M. Holt
MSRI Preprint #2001-042
Hardy spaces for non-compactly causal symmetric spaces amd the most continuous spectrum
Simon Gindikin, Bernhard Krötz, and Gestur Ólafsson
MSRI Preprint #2001-043
The circle transform on trees
Enrico Casadio Tarabusi, Simon G. Gindikin, and Massimo A. Picardello
MSRI Preprint #2001-044
Semiglobal determination in two dimensions of the electric potential and magnetic field from Cauchy data
Hyeonbae Kang and Gunther Uhlamnn
MSRI Preprint #2001-045
High-Order Terms in the Asymptotic Expansions of the Steady-State Voltage Potentials in the Presence of Conductivity Inhomogeneities of Small Diameter
Habib Ammari and Hyeonbae Kang
MSRI Preprint #2001-046
Seismic inverse scattering in the `wave-equation' approach
Christiaan C. Stolk and Maarten V. de Hoop
MSRI Preprint #2001-047
On the Bi-Hamiltonian Theory for the Harry Dym Equation
Marco Pedroni, Vincenzo Sciacca, and Jorge P. Zubelli
MSRI Preprint #2001-048
Identification of nonlinearity in conductivity equation via Dirichlet-to-Neumann map
Hyeonbae Kang and Gen Nakamura
MSRI Preprint #2001-049
Propagation of Polarization in Elastodynamics with Residual Stress and Travel Times
Sonke Hansen and Gunther Uhlmann
MSRI Preprint #2001-050