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MSRI Preprints: 1999

The MSRI preprint series in years 1995–2005. Please consult the Author Index or go directly to the desired year.

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A Conditioning Function for the Convergence of Numerical ODE Solvers and Lyapunov's Theory of Stability
Divakar Viswanath
MSRI Preprint #1999-001
Ambient Surfaces and T-Fillings of T-curves
Bertrand Haas
MSRI Preprint #1999-002
Ultimate Polynomial Time
Gregorio Malajovich
MSRI Preprint #1999-003
Lower bounds for some decision problems over $\mathbb C$
Gregorio Malajovich
MSRI Preprint #1999-004
Toric Newton Method for Polynomial Homotopies
Jan Verschelde
MSRI Preprint #1999-005
Factorisation free decomposition algorithms in differential algebra
Evelyne Hubert
MSRI Preprint #1999-006
Parallel Complexity of Computations with General and Toeplitz-like Matrices Filled with Integers and Extensions
Victor Y. Pan
MSRI Preprint #1999-007
A note on non-complete problems in N_R
S. Ben-David, K. Meer and C. Michaux
MSRI Preprint #1999-008
Condition number bounds for problems with integer coefficients
Gregorio Malajovich
MSRI Preprint #1999-009
The moduli space of (1,11)-polarized abelian surfaces is unirational
Mark Gross and Sorin Popescu
MSRI Preprint #1999-010
New Deterministic Parallel Algorithms for the Characteristic Polynomial of a Matrix over Abstract Fields
Victor Pan
MSRI Preprint #1999-011
New Techniques for Decoding the BCH Error-Correcting Codes
Victor Pan
MSRI Preprint #1999-012
Fast Cauchy-like and Singular Toeplitz-like Matrix Computations
Victor Pan and Ailong Zheng
MSRI Preprint #1999-013
Bisection Acceleration for the Symmetric Tridiagonal Eigenvalue Problem
Victor Pan and Elliot Linzer
MSRI Preprint #1999-014
Methods for the approximation of the matrix exponential in a Lie-algebraic setting
Elena Celledoni and Arieh Iserles
MSRI Preprint #1999-015
Supersingular abelian varieties over finite fields
Hui Zhu
MSRI Preprint #1999-016
The Expected Number of Real Roots of a Multihomogeneous System of Polynomial Equations
Andrew McLennan
MSRI Preprint #1999-017
Posets That Locally Resemble Distributive Lattices: An Extension of Stanley's Theorem
Jonathan David Farley and Stefan E. Schmidt
MSRI Preprint #1999-018
Coproducts of Bounded Distributive Lattices: Cancellation (A Banff Conference Problem)
Jonathan David Farley
MSRI Preprint #1999-019
Pole dynamics for elliptic solutions of the Korteweg-deVries equation
Bernard Deconinck and Harvey Segur
MSRI Preprint #1999-020
Computations with Structured Matrices
Victor Y. Pan and Brian Murphy and Rhys Eric Rosholt
MSRI Preprint #1999-021
Shifted Quasi-Symmetric Functions and the Hopf algebra of peak functions
Nantel Bergeron and Stefan Mykytiuk and Frank Sottile and Stephanie van Willigenburg
MSRI Preprint #1999-022
Weak Convergence and Deterministic Approach to Turbulent Diffusion
Claude Bardos, Jean Michel Ghidaglia, and Spyridon Kamvissis
MSRI Preprint #1999-023
A Simple Approach to Global Regime of the Random Matrix Theory
Leonid Pastur
MSRI Preprint #1999-024
Real Rational Curves in Grassmannians
Frank Sottile
MSRI Preprint #1999-025
Universality and Scaling of Correlations Between Zeros on Complex Manifolds
Pavel Bleher, Bernard Shiffman, and Steve Zelditch
MSRI Preprint #1999-026
Poincar'e-Lelong Approach to Universality and Scaling of Correlations Between Zeros
Pavel Bleher, Bernard Shiffman, and Steve Zelditch
MSRI Preprint #1999-027
Pieri Homotopies for Problems in Enumerative Geometry applied to Pole Placement in Linear Systems Control
Birkett Huber and Jan Verschelde
MSRI Preprint #1999-028
Reflectionless Schrödinger operators, the dynamics of zeros, and the solitonic Sato formula
Jan Felipe van Diejen and Heinrich Puschmann
MSRI Preprint #1999-029
Free Fisher information with respect to a completely positive map and cost of equivalence relations
Dimitri Shlyakhtenko
MSRI Preprint #1999-030
On the Bilinear Equations for Fredholm Determinants Appearing in Random Matrices
John Harnad
MSRI Preprint #1999-031
Computing Gröbner Fans of Toric Ideals
Birk Huber and Rekha Thomas
MSRI Preprint #1999-032
A unified superfast divide-and-conquer algorithm for structured matrices over abstract fields
Victor Pan
MSRI Preprint #1999-033
New Arithmetic Filter for the Sign of the Determinant of a Matrix
Victor Pan
MSRI Preprint #1999-034
Improving erasure-resilient encoding/decoding by combining Cauchy and Hankel/Toeplitz matrix structure
Victor Pan
MSRI Preprint #1999-035
Lagrangian Subbundles and Codimension 3 Subcanonical Subschemes
David Eisenbud, Sorin Popescu, and Charles Walter
MSRI Preprint #1999-036
Enriques Surfaces and other Non-Pfaffian Subcanonical Subschemes of Codimension 3
David Eisenbud, Sorin Popescu, and Charles Walter
MSRI Preprint #1999-037
Numerical homotopies to compute generic points on positive dimensional algebraic sets
Andrew J. Sommese and Jan Verschelde
MSRI Preprint #1999-038
Asymptotics via Steepest Descent for an Operator Riemann-Hilbert Problem
Spyridon Kamvissis
MSRI Preprint #1999-039
S-convexity, model sets and their relation
Zuzana Masáková, Jirí Patera, and Edita Pelantová
MSRI Preprint #1999-040
Polynomial Homotopies for Dense, Sparse and Determinantal Systems
Jan Verschelde
MSRI Preprint #1999-041
Commutative Partial Differential Operators
Alex Kasman and Emma Previato
MSRI Preprint #1999-042
A sagbi basis for the quantum Grassmannian
Frank Sottile and Bernd Sturmfels
MSRI Preprint #1999-043
Existence of geometrically simple ordinary abelian varieties over a fixed finite field
Hui Zhu
MSRI Preprint #1999-044
A note on the Lax pairs for Painlevé equations
Andrei A. Kapaev and Evelyne Hubert
MSRI Preprint #1999-045
On the Geometry of Graeffe Iteration
Gregorio Malajovich and Jorge P. Zubelli
MSRI Preprint #1999-046
Tangent Graeffe Iteration
Gregorio Malajovich and Jorge P. Zubelli
MSRI Preprint #1999-047
Factorization of piecewise constant matrix functions and systems of linear differential equations
Torsten Ehrhardt and Ilya M. Spitkovsky
MSRI Preprint #1999-048
Topology of algebraic varieties
Fouad Elzein and András Némethi
MSRI Preprint #1999-049
Parusinski's ``Key Lemma'' via Algebraic Geometry
Zinovy Reichstein and Boris Youssin
MSRI Preprint #1999-050
Rational Hypergeometric Functions
Eduardo Cattani, Alicia Dickenstein, and Bernd Sturmfels
MSRI Preprint #1999-051
The Quantum Groups $\overline{U}_q( sl_2)$ at the Roots of Unity, Self-Duality and Ascent
Lars Kadison
MSRI Preprint #1999-052
Computing Riemann matrices of algebraic curves
Bernard Deconinck and Mark van Hoeij
MSRI Preprint #1999-053
Linear systems attached to cyclic inertia
Marco A Garuti
MSRI Preprint #1999-054
Title: Déformations formelles de revêtements: un principe local-global
José Bertin and Ariane Mézard
MSRI Preprint #1999-055
Polar Varieties and Efficient Real Elimination
Bernd Bank, Marc Giusti, Joos Heintz, and Guy Merlin Mbakop
MSRI Preprint #1999-056
Hyperplane Arrangement Cohomology and Monomials in the Exterior Algebra
David Eisenbud, Sorin Popescu, and Sergey Yuzvinsky
MSRI Preprint #1999-057
Syzygies of Unimodular Lawrence Ideals
Dave Bayer, Sorin Popescu, and Bernd Sturmfels
MSRI Preprint #1999-058