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MSRI Preprints: 1998

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On a $p$-Laplacian type of evolution system and applications to the Bean model in the type-II superconductivity theory
Hong-Ming Yin
MSRI Preprint #1998-001
A quantum octonion algebra
Georgia Benkart and José M. Pérez-Izquierdo
MSRI Preprint #1998-002
Hypoellipticity: Geometrization and Speculation
Michael Christ
MSRI Preprint #1998-003
A support property for infinite dimensional interacting diffusion processes / Une propriété de support pour des processus de diffusion en dimension infinie avec interaction.
Michael Röckner and Byron Schmuland
MSRI Preprint #1998-004
Strong uniqueness for certain infinite dimensional Dirichlet operators and applications to stochastic quantization
Vitali Liskevich and Michael Röckner
MSRI Preprint #1998-005
Smoluchowski's coagulation equation: uniqueness, non-uniqueness and a hydrodynamic limit for the stochastic coalescent
James R. Norris
MSRI Preprint #1998-006
Comparing Heegaard and JSJ structures of orientable 3-manifolds
Martin Scharlemann and Jennifer Schultens
MSRI Preprint #1998-007
Transition operators of diffusions reduce zero-crossing
Steven N. Evans and Ruth J. Williams
MSRI Preprint #1998-008
Combinatorics of Topological Posets: Homotopy complementation formulas
Rade T. Zivaljevic
MSRI Preprint #1998-009
Existence and regularity for a class of infinite-measure $(\xi,\psi,K)$-superprocesses
Alexander Schied
MSRI Preprint #1998-010
Rademacher's theorem on configuration spaces and applications
Michael Röckner and Alexander Schied
MSRI Preprint #1998-011
Tiling the integers with translates of one finite set
Ethan M. Coven and Aaron Meyerowitz
MSRI Preprint #1998-012
A new variant of the Schwarz–Pick–Ahlfors lemma
Robert Osserman
MSRI Preprint #1998-013
Down-up Algebras
Georgia Benkart and Tom Roby
MSRI Preprint #1998-014
The Stable Manifold Theorem for Stochastic Differential Equations
Salah-Eldin A. Mohammed and Michael K.R. Scheutzow
MSRI Preprint #1998-015
Liftez les Sylows! Une suite à "Sous-groupes periodiques d'un groupe stable"
Bruno Poizat and Frank O Wagner
MSRI Preprint #1998-016
The Fixed Point Property for Posets of Small Width
Jonathan David Farley
MSRI Preprint #1998-017
Stochastic analysis on configuration spaces:basic ideas and recent results
Michael Röckner
MSRI Preprint #1998-018
Isoperimetric flow and convexity of H-graphs
John McCuan
MSRI Preprint #1998-019
Approximation and support theorem for a two space-dimensional wave equation
Annie Millet and Marta Sanz-Solé
MSRI Preprint #1998-020
On a singular limit problem for nonlinear Maxwell's equations
Hong-Ming Yin
MSRI Preprint #1998-021
Stochastic Adams theorem for a general compact manifold
Rémi Léandre
MSRI Preprint #1998-022
On the existence of positive solutions for certainquasilinear elliptic equations with Dirichlet boundary conditions
Z.-Q. Chen, R. J. Williams and Z. Zhao
MSRI Preprint #1998-023
Cheeger's inequalities for general symmetric forms and existence criteria for spectral gap
Mu-Fa Chen and Feng-Yu Wang
MSRI Preprint #1998-024
Existence of the spectral gap for elliptic operators
Feng-Yu Wang
MSRI Preprint #1998-025
Hodge theory and cohomology with compact supports
Edward L. Bueler and Igor Prokhorenkov
MSRI Preprint #1998-026
Unitary Brownian motions are linearizable
Boris Tsirelson
MSRI Preprint #1998-027
Some properties of the range of super-Brownian motion
Jean-François Delmas
MSRI Preprint #1998-028
Characterization of G-regularity for super-Brownian motion andconsequences for parabolic partial differential equations
Jean-François Delmas and Jean-Stéphane Dhersin
MSRI Preprint #1998-029
Supersimple \omega-categorical groups
Frank O Wagner
MSRI Preprint #1998-030
On the geometry of diffusion operators and stochastic flows
K. David Elworthy, Yves Le Jan, and Xue-Mei Li
MSRI Preprint #1998-031
Reflecting diffusions and queueing networks
Ruth J. Williams
MSRI Preprint #1998-032
Martin Boundary and Integral Representation for Harmonic Functions of Symmetric Stable Processes
Zhen-Qing Chen and Renming Song
MSRI Preprint #1998-033
Intrinsic Ultracontractivity, Conditional Lifetimesand Conditional Gauge for Symmetric Stable Processes on Rough Domains
Zhen-Qing Chen and Renming Song
MSRI Preprint #1998-034
The Dirichlet problem for superdegenerate differential operators
Denis R. Bell and Salah E.-A. Mohammed
MSRI Preprint #1998-035
Difference subgroups of commutative algebraic groups over finite fields
Thomas Scanlon and José Felipe Voloch
MSRI Preprint #1998-036
Supersimple fields and division rings
Anand Pillay, Thomas Scanlon, and Frank Wagner
MSRI Preprint #1998-037
Lascar and Morley ranks differ in differentially closed fields
Ehud Hrushovski and Thomas Scanlon
MSRI Preprint #1998-038
Model companions of theories with an automorphism
Kikyo Hirotaka
MSRI Preprint #1998-039
Free probability for probabilists
Philippe Biane
MSRI Preprint #1998-040
Some function spaces related to the Brownian motion on simple nested fractals
Katarzyna Pietruska-Paluba
MSRI Preprint #1998-041
Thick Points for Spatial Brownian Motion: Multifractal Analysis of Occupation Measure
Amir Dembo, Yuval Peres, Jay Rosen, and Ofer Zeitouni
MSRI Preprint #1998-042
Algebraic Shifting Increases Relative Homology
Art M. Duval
MSRI Preprint #1998-043
Isoperimetric conditions and diffusions in Riemannian manifolds
Patrick McDonald
MSRI Preprint #1998-044
Spatial discretization of partial differential equations with integrals
Robert I. McLachlan
MSRI Preprint #1998-045
Numerical integrators that contract volume
Robert I. McLachlan and G. Reinout W. Quispel
MSRI Preprint #1998-046
Functions on Distributive Lattices with the Congruence Substitution Property: Some Problems of Grätzer
Jonathan David Farley
MSRI Preprint #1998-047
On ill-conditioned eigenvalues, multiple roots of polynomials, and their accurate computations
Zhonggang Zeng
MSRI Preprint #1998-048
The Symbolic Dynamics of Tiling the Integers
Ethan M. Coven, William Geller, Sylvia Silberger, and William P. Thurston
MSRI Preprint #1998-049
A Pieri-type formula for isotropic flag manifolds
Nantel Bergeron and Frank Sottile
MSRI Preprint #1998-050
A quasi-o-minimal group without the exchange property
Oleg Belegradek, Françoise Point, and Frank Wagner
MSRI Preprint #1998-051
Rotations of the three-sphere and symmetry of the Clifford torus
John McCuan and Lafe Spietz
MSRI Preprint #1998-052
Positively curved surfaces with no tangent support plane
John McCuan
MSRI Preprint #1998-053
Probabilistic analysis of two complexity measures for linear programming problems
M.J. Todd, Levent Tunçel, and Yinyu Ye
MSRI Preprint #1998-054
A Characterization of Semimodular Lattices Whose Comparability Graphs Are Weakly Connected
Jonathan David Farley and Stefan E. Schmidt
MSRI Preprint #1998-055
The complexity of local dimensions for constructible sets
Pascal Koiran
MSRI Preprint #1998-056
Complexity Lower Bounds for Approximation Algebraic Computation Trees
Felipe Cucker and Dima Grigoriev
MSRI Preprint #1998-057
Differential equations and finite groups
Marius van der Put and Felix Ulmer
MSRI Preprint #1998-058
Query languages for semi-algebraic databases based on descriptive complexity over $\mathbb R$
Klaus Meer
MSRI Preprint #1998-059
Tameness and Geodesic Cores of Subgroups
Rita Gitik
MSRI Preprint #1998-060
Six Lectures on the Geometric Integration of ODEs
Robert I. McLachlan and G. Reinout W. Quispel
MSRI Preprint #1998-061
Lifting/descending processes for polynomial zeros
Bernard Mourrain and Victor Pan
MSRI Preprint #1998-062
Approximating Complex Polynomial Zeros: Modified Weyl's Quadtree Construction and Improved Newton's Iteration
Victor Pan
MSRI Preprint #1998-063
Numerical Evidence for a Conjecture in Real Algebraic Geometry
Jan Verschelde
MSRI Preprint #1998-064
Group structures of elementary supersingular abelian varieties over finite fields
Hui Zhu
MSRI Preprint #1998-065
Real Schubert Calculus: Polynomial systems and a conjecture of Shapiro and Shapiro
Frank Sottile
MSRI Preprint #1998-066
The special Schubert calculus is real
Frank Sottile
MSRI Preprint #1998-067
Some algebraic properties of the Schechtman-Varchenko bilinear forms
Phil Hanlon and Graham Denham
MSRI Preprint #1998-068
On a Transfer Theorem for the P $\ne$ NP conjecture
Gregorio Malajovich
MSRI Preprint #1998-069
Certified Numerical Computation of the Sign of a Matrix Determinant
Victor Y. Pan and Yanqiang Yu
MSRI Preprint #1998-070
The Complexity of the Algebraic Eigenproblem
Victor Y. Pan, Zhao Q. Chen, and Ailong Zheng
MSRI Preprint #1998-071
Mutivariate Polynomials, Duality and Structured Matrices
Bernard Mourrain and Victor Y. Pan
MSRI Preprint #1998-072
Essential Components of an Algebraic Differential Equation
Evelyne Hubert
MSRI Preprint #1998-073
Maximum Distance Separable Convolutional Codes
Joachim Rosenthal and Roxana Smarandache
MSRI Preprint #1998-074
On covering translations and homeotopy groups of contractible open n-manifolds
Robert Myers
MSRI Preprint #1998-075
Design of a Mechanical N-Body Integrator
Ben Leimkuhler
MSRI Preprint #1998-076
Separating Transformations for Controlled Variable Molecular Dynamics
Ben Leimkuhler
MSRI Preprint #1998-077
Some Recent Algebraic/Numerical Algorithms
Victor Pan
MSRI Preprint #1998-078