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MSRI Preprints: 1996

The MSRI preprint series in years 1995–2005. Please consult the Author Index or go directly to the desired year.

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A Primer of Mathematical Writing
Steven G. Krantz
MSRI Preprint #1996-001
The Krein spectral shift and rank one perturbations of spectra
Alexei G. Poltoratski
MSRI Preprint #1996-002
On totally real spheres in complex space
Xianghong Gong
MSRI Preprint #1996-003
An Example of a Domain with Non-Compact Automorphism Group
Siqi Fu and Alexander V. Isaev and Steven G. Krantz
MSRI Preprint #1996-004
Hodge theory in the Sobolev topology for the de Rham complex
Luigi Fontana and Steven G. Krantz and Marco M. Peloso
MSRI Preprint #1996-005
Elliptic boundary value problems for the inhomogeneous Laplace equation on bounded domains
Steven G. Krantz and Song-Ying Li
MSRI Preprint #1996-006
Hardy classes, integral operators, and duality on spaces of homogeneous type
Steven G. Krantz and Song-Ying Li
MSRI Preprint #1996-007
Unconditional bases of invariant subspaces of a contraction with finite defects
Serguei Treil
MSRI Preprint #1996-008
Analytic hypoellipticity in dimension two
Michael Christ
MSRI Preprint #1996-009
Divergence of projective structures and lengths of measured laminations
Harumi Tanigawa
MSRI Preprint #1996-010
Complex dynamics in several variables
John Smillie and Gregery T. Buzzard
MSRI Preprint #1996-011
On local coefficients for non-generic representations of some classical groups
Solomon Friedberg and David Goldberg
MSRI Preprint #1996-012
Equivariant Holomorphic Morse Inequalities II: Torus and Non-Abelian Group Actions
Siye Wu
MSRI Preprint #1996-013
Homogeneous Special Geometry
Vicente Cortés
MSRI Preprint #1996-014
An interpolation theorem for holomorphic automorphisms of C^n
Gregery T. Buzzard and Franc Forstneric
MSRI Preprint #1996-015
A Tverberg-type result on multicolored simplices
János Pach
MSRI Preprint #1996-016
On Pisier's construction of a polynomially bounded operator not similar to a contraction
John E. McCarthy
MSRI Preprint #1996-017
Intermediate Optimal Gevrey Exponents Occur
Michael Christ
MSRI Preprint #1996-018
Quasiconformality and geometrical finiteness in Carnot--Carathéodory and negatively curved spaces
Boris Apanasov
MSRI Preprint #1996-019
Value Distribution for Sequences of Rational Mappings and Complex Dynamics
Alexander Russakovskii and Bernard Shiffman
MSRI Preprint #1996-020
A Carleman type theorem for proper holomorphic embeddings
Gregery T. Buzzard and Franc Forstneric
MSRI Preprint #1996-021
Nevanlinna Theory and Rational Points
Junjiro Noguchi
MSRI Preprint #1996-022
On Holomorphic Curves in Semi-Abelian Varieties
Junjiro Noguchi
MSRI Preprint #1996-023
Fuchsian Groups, Quasiconformal Groups, and Conical Limit Sets
Peter W. Jones and Lesley A. Ward
MSRI Preprint #1996-024
An estimate for the Gauss curvature of minimal surfaces in R^m whose Gauss map omits a set of hyperplanes
Robert Osserman and Min Ru
MSRI Preprint #1996-025
A mixed Hodge structure on a CR manifold
Takao Akahori
MSRI Preprint #1996-026
On the Boundary Orbit Accumulation Set for a Domain with Non-Compact Automorphism Group
Alexander V. Isaev and Steven G. Krantz
MSRI Preprint #1996-027
Vanishing sums of $m$th roots of unity in finite fields
T. Y. Lam and K. H. Leung
MSRI Preprint #1996-028
Rigidity of irreducible Hermitian symmetric spaces of the compact type under Kähler deformation
Jun-Muk Hwang and Ngaiming Mok
MSRI Preprint #1996-029
Generalized Bergmann Metrics and Invariance of Plurigenera
Hajime Tsuji
MSRI Preprint #1996-030
Paraexponentials, Muckenhoupt weights, and resolvents of paraproducts
Cristina Pereyra and Lesley Ward
MSRI Preprint #1996-031
A note on the M*-limiting convolution body
Antonis Tsolomitis
MSRI Preprint #1996-032
Low M*-estimates on coordinate subspaces
Apostolos A. Giannopoulos and Vitali D. Milman
MSRI Preprint #1996-033
On Various Modes of Scalar Convergence in $L_0 ( \frak X )$
S. J. Dilworth and Maria Girardi
MSRI Preprint #1996-034
1-complemented subspaces of spaces with 1-unconditional bases
Beata Randrianantoanina
MSRI Preprint #1996-035
Uniformly distributed distances: A geometric application of Janson's inequality
János Pach and Joel Spencer
MSRI Preprint #1996-036
The Singly Periodic Genus-One Helicoid
David Hoffman, Fusheng Wei, and Hermann Karcher
MSRI Preprint #1996-037
Covering numbers and ``low M*-estimate'' for quasi-convex bodies
A. E. Litvak, V. D. Milman, and A. Pajor
MSRI Preprint #1996-038
Functions which are almost multipliers of Hilbert function spaces
James Agler and Nicholas John Young
MSRI Preprint #1996-039
Products of Block Toeplitz operators
Caixing Gu and Dechao Zheng
MSRI Preprint #1996-040
The semi-commutator of Toeplitz operators on the bidisc
Caixing Gu and Dechao Zheng
MSRI Preprint #1996-041
Conjugate operators for finite maximal subdiagonal algebras
Narcisse Randrianantoanina
MSRI Preprint #1996-042
Classifications of Non-negative Solutions to Some Elliptic Problems
Yuan Lou and Meijun Zhu
MSRI Preprint #1996-043
S-Shaped global bifurcation curve of positive solutions to a prey-predator model
Yihong Du and Yuan Lou
MSRI Preprint #1996-044
On diffusion-induced blowups in a cooperative model
Yuan Lou and Wei-Ming Ni
MSRI Preprint #1996-045
Excision in Banach simplicial and cyclic cohomology
Zinaida A. Lykova
MSRI Preprint #1996-046
Almost orthogonal submatrices of an orthogonal matrix
Mark Rudelson
MSRI Preprint #1996-047
On the Profinite Topology on Doubles of Groups
Rita Gitik
MSRI Preprint #1996-048
Finitely Smooth Reinhardt Domains with Non-Compact Automorphism Group
Steven G. Krantz and Alexander V. Isaev
MSRI Preprint #1996-049
Canonical systems and finite rank perturbations of spectra
Alexei G. Poltoratski
MSRI Preprint #1996-050
Toric Intersection Theory for Affine Root Counting
J. Maurice Rojas
MSRI Preprint #1996-051
On Hyper Kähler manifolds associated to Lagrangean Kähler submanifolds of T^*C^n
Vicente Cortés
MSRI Preprint #1996-052
Symbolic Dynamics and Markov Partitions
Roy Adler
MSRI Preprint #1996-053
The algebraic dimension of compact complex threefolds with vanishing second Betti number
Frédéric Campana, Jean-Pierre Demailly, and Thomas Peternell
MSRI Preprint #1996-054
Towards a Mori theory on compact Kähler threefolds, II
Thomas Peternell
MSRI Preprint #1996-055
Rational curves and ampleness properties of the tangent bundle of algebraic varieties
Frédéric Campana and Thomas Peternell
MSRI Preprint #1996-056
An Algebraic Annulus Theorem
Peter Scott and Gadde A. Swarup
MSRI Preprint #1996-057
Homotopy Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds are Hyperbolic
David Gabai, G. Robert Meyerhoff, and Nathaniel Thurston
MSRI Preprint #1996-058
Topological arrangement of curves of degree 6 on cubic surfaces in RP^3
G. Mikhalkin
MSRI Preprint #1996-059
Random vectors in the isotropic position
Mark Rudelson
MSRI Preprint #1996-060
Adjunction inequality for real algebraic curves
G. Mikhalkin
MSRI Preprint #1996-061
Bending deformations of complex hyperbolic surfaces
Boris Apanasov
MSRI Preprint #1996-062
On the homology cobordism group of homology 3-spheres
Nikolai Saveliev
MSRI Preprint #1996-063
A Standard Form for Incompressible Surfaces in a Handlebody
Linda E. Green
MSRI Preprint #1996-064
Cannon-Thurston Maps for Trees of Hyperbolic Metric Spaces
Mahan Mitra
MSRI Preprint #1996-065
Asymptotic geometry and conformal types of Carnot--Carathéodory spaces
Vladimir A. Zorich
MSRI Preprint #1996-066
Combinatorics and topology of stratifications of the space of monic polynomials with real coefficients
Volkmar Welker and Boris Shapiro
MSRI Preprint #1996-067
Preservation of the absolutely continuous spectrum of Schrödinger equation under perturbations by slowly decreasing potentials and a.e. convergence of integral operators
Alexander Kiselev
MSRI Preprint #1996-068
An interpolation theorem related to the a.e. convergence of integral operators
Alexander Kiselev
MSRI Preprint #1996-069
Certain Applications of the Burnside Rings and Ghost Rings in the Representation Theory of Finite Groups (II)
K. K. Nwabueze and F. Van Oystaeyen
MSRI Preprint #1996-070
A topological method to compute spectral flow
Dave Auckly
MSRI Preprint #1996-071
Quantization of the algebra of chord diagrams
Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen, Josef Mattes, and Nicolai Reshetikhin
MSRI Preprint #1996-072
Hyperbolic Reinhardt Domains in Bbb C^2$ with Noncompact Automorphism Group
Alexander V. Isaev and Steven G. Krantz
MSRI Preprint #1996-073
Homeomorphisms of 3-manifolds and the realization of Nielsen Number
Boju Jiang, Shicheng Wang, and Ying-Qing Wu
MSRI Preprint #1996-074
Extensions and Corrections for: ``A Convex Geometric Approach to Counting the Roots of a Polynomial System''
J. Maurice Rojas
MSRI Preprint #1996-075
$\overline{\partial}$-Neumann Problem in the Sobolev Topology
Luigi Fontana, Steven G. Krantz, and Marco M. Peloso
MSRI Preprint #1996-076
Some definition of the Artin exponent of finite groups
K. K. Nwabueze
MSRI Preprint #1996-077
Mixing Mathematics and Materials
David Hoffman
MSRI Preprint #1996-078
Class 2 Moufang loops, small Frattini Moufang loops, and code loops
Tim Hsu
MSRI Preprint #1996-079
Proper and Unit Trapezoid Orders and Graphs
Kenneth P. Bogart, Rolf H. Möhring, and Stephen P. Ryan
MSRI Preprint #1996-080
Ping-Pong on Negatively Curved Groups
Rita Gitik
MSRI Preprint #1996-081
Application of the Complex Monge-Ampère Equation to the Study of Proper Holomorphic Mappings of Strictly Pseudoconvex Domains
Steven G. Krantz and Song-Ying Li
MSRI Preprint #1996-082
Schubert polynomials, the Bruhat order, and the geometry of flag manifolds
Nantel Bergeron and Frank Sottile
MSRI Preprint #1996-083
On $k$-ordered Hamiltonian Graphs
Gabor N. Sarkozy and Stanley Selkow
MSRI Preprint #1996-084
An Algorithmic Version of the Blow-up Lemma
János Komlós, Gabor N. Sarkozy, and Endre Szemerédi
MSRI Preprint #1996-085
Contractible open 3-manifolds with free covering translation groups
Robert Myers
MSRI Preprint #1996-086
R^2-irreducible universal covering spaces of P^2-irreducible open 3-manifolds
Robert Myers
MSRI Preprint #1996-087
Maximal Nilpotent Quotients of 3-Manifold Groups
Peter Teichner
MSRI Preprint #1996-088
Subspace Arrangements over Finite Fields: Cohomological and Enumerative Properties
Anders Björner and Torsten Ekedahl
MSRI Preprint #1996-089
The number of k-faces of a simple d-polytope
Anders Björner and Svante Linusson
MSRI Preprint #1996-090
Trapezoid Order Classification
Stephen Ryan
MSRI Preprint #1996-091
Graph-Based Logic and Sketches II: Finite-Product Categories and Equational Logic (Preliminary Report)
Atish Bagchi and Charles Wells
MSRI Preprint #1996-092
Seiberg--Witten Monopoles on Seifert Fibered Spaces
Tomasz S. Mrowka, Peter S. Ozsváth, and Baozhen Yu
MSRI Preprint #1996-093