#37: Several Complex Variables

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MSRI Publications -- Volume 37

Several Complex Variables

Edited by Michael Schneider and Yum-Tong Siu

Several Complex Variables is a central area of mathematics with strong interactions with partial differential equations, algebraic geometry and differential geometry. The 1995-96 MSRI program on Several Complex Variables emphasized these interactions and concentrated on developments and problems of current interest that capitalize on this interplay of ideas and techniques.

This collection provides a remarkably clear and complete picture of the status of research in these overlapping areas at the time of the conference, and will provide a basis for significant continued contributions from researchers as well as an introduction, for students, of the use of techniques from these other areas in several complex variables. Several of the articles are expository or have extensive expository sections, and are accessible to graduate students.

Thanks to its distinguished list of contributors, this volume provides a representative sample of the best work done this decade in Several Complex Variables.